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Are you looking for a wedding venue in the north of England? Are you looking for somewhere in the country that is easy to access? A venue that can cater for a unique wedding like yours? One that you can personalise and create your own theme? Maybe you should consider tying the knot at Whitley Hall Hotel in Chapeltown, Sheffield? Within easy reach of the M1 motorway and in a secluded lush countryside area with rolling hills, sits the beautiful Whitely Hall Hotel.

 Whitley Hall Hotel is a luxury hotel venue accustomed to hosting weddings in a sought-after destination for couples to get married in an extravagant, unique, 20-acre setting. Whitley Hall is a 16th Century mansion that is covered in ivy and still features many original pieces. Surrounded by the rolling hills and pasture land; woodland; stunning gardens with a pond make this a fantastic wedding venue for couples relishing a cosy and loving venue. Also, couples can choose to have their ceremony outdoors under one of two specially built pagodas. An array of beautiful locations for fantastic wedding photography opportunities, both inside and out makes Whitley Hall Hotel a fantastic venue to get married. 

Whitley Hall has been in situ for over 600 years. Records show the existence of a property in 1406 on the site, or very near to it, known as Launder House. This property was inherited by Thomas Parker in 1530. who began the renovation of the house into Whitley Hall as we know it today.   Whitley Hall has a varied past with different owners including a boys' boarding school until it was developed into a restaurant in 1969 to a hotel in 1970. Whitley Hall was the first venue in South Yorkshire to hold civil marriage ceremonies. The venue now is split into two distinct areas that allow two weddings to take place each day. One side is known as the Parker Suite after the Parker family who transformed the property into the original Whitely Hall. Can you spot the carving in the stone lintel which reads 'Willm Parker: made this worke 1584'?

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Are you looking for a wedding photographer to bring you creative and emotional memories of your wedding day? My name is River Xavier and I am a contemporary wedding photographer; offering a natural, relaxed and creative experience that captures your wedding day through a blend of fine art and documentary photography. As your wedding photographer, I will join your guests to capture a range of beautiful emotive photos as your day unfolds. 

Making sure all of your wedding memories are captured. Your wedding photos will show the love, happiness and emotion between the two of you and your guests. Memorable moments of one of the biggest days of your lives will be yours forever. 

Guaranteeing you those special wedding moments as you embrace and declare your love for each other, forever. Your wedding photography will be sure to evoke your emotions for years to come. Just like the marriage of these two lovebirds who found and cemented their love throughout Lockdown. Two wonderful people who never expected to find such love and adoration for each other. It was a pleasure to be part of their wedding day and provide such amazing wedding memories. We met beforehand for a pre-wedding photo shoot. This gave us time to get to know each other a little and more importantly, it gave me the opportunity to see how Scot and Kelly would be in front of the camera, especially as Scot stated he was nervous about having his photo taken. They were both natural, and their pictures highlighted the love and adoration they both have for each other. The pre-wedding photoshoot certainly made the wedding day more relaxed for them and allowed them both to shine in their photos.

For a range of wedding packages including wedding albums and films, why not take a look at my work? You can also choose a combination of wedding photography with a highlights film, the Hybrid Collection.



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The launch of cinematic wedding films; adding more emotion to your wedding story.

This is the story of Leanne and Chris and their three beautiful children; and their wedding day at Holiday Inn Leeds-Bradford for whom I was commissioned to create a wedding film. This was my first wedding venture as (River Xavier Photography) into wedding videography and creating a wedding story of emotion and drama. It is a story of love all captured in a wedding film that made this brides dream come true. This is also the story of how I made the wedding film for Leanne and Chris. 

Holiday Inn, Leeds-Bradford, a quiet country setting not too far the motorway.

Driving along the M62, once one passes Morley and the imposing IKEA building all of a sudden the landscape opens up and from a sub-urban setting, the countryside comes into view.  It is here the Holiday Inn sits. Built from sandstone in keeping with the surroundings the venue is a welcoming place to stay and get married. Surrounded by fields, woodland and pastures the venue is close to Tong Park. Within this location, I certainly do not feel I have only several minutes ago left the hustle and bustle of the motorway. 

Saturday the 7th of March. I was driving up to the Hotel where the day was to unfold. I had spent the previous day (and the day before that) going through my bag and making sure I had everything ready. The list of shots I wanted to film, lenses, spare batteries, large formatted memory card, spare memory card, camera settings completed, microphones, recorders, spare batteries, stands and more spare batteries. Even though I feel very comfortable photographing a wedding and directing people I felt a little nervous as I was driving to the venue. This continued as I arrived at the venue and began to look for the bride. This was to be my first professional wedding film and it brought with it high expectations which only continued. I stood outside of the room where she was getting prepared. All around was quiet bar the butterflies, flapping in my stomach. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. The door opened, I stepped in and introduced myself to the hype of slippers, gowns, champagne glasses and remnants of a good time. I took out my camera, pointed the lens, pressed the record button and saw a flock of butterflies rise. Suddenly I felt at ease.

Laugh, cry, it's all part of the job. But it makes it worthwhile. In fact a pleasure to now you are producing history in the making.

Being a guest at a couple's wedding brings along all the pleasures in the world. Every time I feel happy, joyous and sentimental. I love the speeches, many are brilliant and funny; poignant and meaningful. At times I have found myself almost choked with emotion. However, as a photographer or videographer one is present to do a professional job. Creating wonderfully creative images that the couple will love and want to hang on their wall or have printed in a luxury wedding album. These are essential, creating beautiful images of the couple on their wedding day. But there is more to it than that. Personally, my job is to engage the viewer in each image. To create photographs that tell a story, that show emotion. A moment caught in time if you will, history in the making. For the wedding couple a moment for them to remember as they see memories of their day. 


As a wedding videographer, the principles are the same. Create a story of the couples day. Show them the day as it occurred. The emotive moments, the guests' anticipation as they await the arrival of the bride. The bride as she gets ready with her bridesmaids, all excited and glee. The small moments of anxiety; of self-doubt as the pressure mounts, only to be relived a few moments later. Plus all the joyous momentum after the vows are said and the celebrations start. These are the principles of our film making, Tell the story. Relieve the moments.

The reaction.

 Reviews count in any industry. We are passionate about the words coming from our customers. This is vital for our service and growth of what we do. Therefore, here are Leanne's words. 

I don't even know where to begin!!!! Professional, polite and courteous! We booked River as our videographer. After receiving our video, me and my husband are blown away!!!! He's captured our day PERFECTLY!!!! every little detail, lighting, little bits we didn't notice. I am so happy with it!!!! He has done an outstanding job I couldn't be any more happier with it. I've watched it so many times!!!! 100% recommend him his work is fantastic!!!!! 


Our wedding films are cinematic timepieces designed to evoke memories of your wedding day. We create the story of your day from a full days filming; gather the reactions, emotions and beauty of your day. This is your personalised wedding film. Want something for your wedding day that is creative, different and emotive? Why not contact us to discuss how we can create personalised memories of one of the best days of your lives!





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