Manor House Lindley

Huddersfield Wedding Photography

It was a real pleasure to be the wedding photographer for Callum and Colette as they tied the knot during a wonderfully planned personal wedding service. The wedding was divided into two halves; leading up to the ceremony at St Stephen's Church in Lindley, Huddersfield. Then after a visit to a special location nearby to take some personal wedding photos, we headed back to Lindley and to the magnificent Manor House (next door to St Stephen's Church).

Set on the outskirts of Huddersfield and only a few minutes from the M62 motorway, the Manor House at Lindley is a very special, contemporary wedding venue.

The Manor House and (Coach House) is a stylish, contemporary hotel with an industrial feel and contrasting delicate features. It is the ideal place for your wedding ceremony and reception. The Manor House has a specific bridal suite and the Coach House is catered for your amazing wedding day. Around the grounds are ample opportunities for amazing photographs throughout your wedding day! The Manor House is located next to the village church, St Stephens and it was on this day that I had the opportunity to photograph the wedding ceremony at this wonderful church. Finally, the Manor House has a wonderful staff team and amazing food to make your wedding day full of brilliant memories for you to cherish. 

  • drone view of the manor house hotel


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  • bridesmaid and bride getting ready


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  • close up of button hole flowers


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Whitley Hall

Sheffield Wedding Photography

Are you looking for a stately wedding venue for your wedding? Whitley Hall, located north of Sheffield is the ideal location to create fantastic wedding photography memories of your special day.  Characterful rooms with original features and outdoor spaces make a unique experience for one of the best days of your life. 

  • whitley hall entrance

    whitley hall entrance

    whitley, hall, Sheffield, venue, wedding, Yorkshire, pearson, room

  • looking through window into the garden at whitley hall

    window at Whitley hall

    whitley, hall, hotel, wedding, venue, garden, Sheffield, south-Yorkshire, flowers

  • whitley hall fountain garden

    whitley hall garden

    whitley, hall, hotel, Sheffield, wedding, venue, south-Yorkshire, stately, Georgian, windows, fountain, flowers, colourful

  • commemorative red rose by the outdoor ceremony chairs

    a wedding rose

    wedding, flower, rose, red, ceremony, chairs,

  • empty outdoor ceremony area

    ceremony chairs whitley

    whitley, hall, Sheffield, ceremony, outdoors, chairs, yorkshire

  • whitley hall wedding breakfast room

    whitley hall wedding breakfast room

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  • window dressing

    whitley hall window dressing

    whitley, hall, window, Sheffield, wedding, yorkshire

  • wedding day sign

    whitley hall wedding sign

    whitley. hall, wedding, sheffield

  • blue wedding cake

    blue wedding cake

    wedding, cake, alternative, gothic, spooky, clue, gold, flowers, tiers, vintage

  • guest signing the wedding book

    wedding signing book comments

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  • close up of wedding rings

    wedding rings

    wedding, rings, close, up, black, white, vintage, detail, love, wood

  • bridesmaids are getting ready in the mirror

    bridal preparation

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  • bridesmaid putting on her lipstick

    bridesmaid adding lipstick

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  • bride getting ready

    bride gets ready

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  • bridesmaid putting on make-up in the mirror

    putting on make up

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  • bride is excited as she sees bridesmaids

    bride is excited on her wedding day

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  • bride getting her make up done

    bride having her make up put on

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  • reflection of bride is getting ready

    the bride is in the mirror

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  • bride is having her make up put on

    close up of bride having make up done

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  • groom and bestman getting ready in hotel room

    the groomsmen are getting ready

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  • groomsmen stand together wearing suits and flatcaps

    peaky blinders at whitley hall

    whitley, hall, hotel, Sheffield, groom, groomsmen, Yorkshire, south-Yorkshire, suit, tie, flatcap, garden

  • the groomsmen are posing in suits and flatcaps

    groomsmen stand like peaky blinders

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  • groom stands on the stairs and is checking the time

    is it time

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  • the groom and bestman stand outside whitley hall

    groom and bestman stand outside whitley hall

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  • bride with flowers

    bride is standing with her flowers

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  • bride reveals her dress to bridesmaids

    wedding dress reveal

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  • bride reveals her dress

    bride reveals wedding dress at whitley hall hotel

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  • bride walks to father of the bride

    bride walks to see her father

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  • bride talks to a guest

    bride talks to guests

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  • groom is laughing outside with the bestman

    wedding groomsmen best friends

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  • bride and groom laugh with family

    weddinglaughs with the family

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  • peacock walks past the bridesmaids

    peacock walks past the bridesmaids at whitley hall

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  • bride stands alone on the stairs

    I wait for you

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  • view from above as bride and groom kiss

    stealing a secret kiss

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  • black and white photo looking down at bride and groom kissing

    looking down as the bride and groom embrace

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  • bestman hugs grandma

    generations hug

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  • bridesmaids line up on the stairs

    bridesmaids walk to the ceremony

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  • bridesmaids look on emotionally

    love is emotional

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  • bride walks to the ceremony

    here comes the bride

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  • bride is walking down the stairs

    here comes the bride on her wedding day

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  • bride reveals her dress to her father

    bride reveal

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  • bride meets father in her wedding dress

    wedding dress reveal

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  • groom looks down as he waits at the altar

    I am anticipating your arrival at the altar

    wedding, ceremony, altar, waiting, flower, buttonhole, whitley, hall, hotel, Sheffield, aisle, bridesmaids, bride, guests, candid, documentary, photography

  • bridesmaid walks the aisle

    bridesmaid walking down the aisle

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  • bride walks down the aisle with her father

    join us at the aisle

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  • groom watching the bride walking up the aisle

    i see you

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  • groom waits for the bride

    wedding, whitley, hall, hotel, Sheffield, Yorkshire, bride, ceremony, aisle, walking, outdoors, father, dress, flowers, nay, uniform, buttonhole,

    wedding, whitley, hall, hotel, Sheffield, Yorkshire, bride, ceremony, aisle, walking, outdoors, father, dress, flowers, nay, uniform, buttonhole,

  • bridal party at the altar

    you are my wedding hero

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  • close up of bride and groom holding hands

    wedding couple holding hands

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  • bride and groom stand at the altar

    I adore you my bride

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  • mother of the bride is wiping away a tear


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  • bride is giving a reading at the altar

    reading my love for you at the altar

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  • bride and groom having their first kiss

    bride and groom embrace for their first wedding kiss

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  • bride and groom have their first kiss

    wedding kiss as bride and groom

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  • bride and groom pose at the altar

    bride and groom are officially married

    wedding, bride, groom, love, outdoor, ceremony, dress, veil, tiara, flowers, signing, whitley, hall, hotel, Sheffield, candid, moments, love, kiss,

  • bride and groom wrap their arms around each other

    wrapped in love

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  • guard of honour stands waiting

    preparing for guard of honour

    wedding, ceremony, outdoor, uniform, dress, whitley, hall, hotel, Sheffield, south-Yorkshire, rotherham, altar, veil, flowers, vintage, navy, medals, uniform, stately, venue, hat, sword

  • father of bride stands for guard of honour in naval uniform

    standing to attention

    wedding, bride, groom, father, guard, naval, uniform, sword, honour, outdoor, ceremony, Yorkshire, sheffield

  • bridesmaid pulling tongue out at the camera

    after the ceremony

    wedding, ceremony, bridesmaid, outdoors, Yorkshire, velvet, tatoos, whitley, hall, hotel, Sheffield, documentary, candid, moon, stars, swords, guard-of, honour

  • bride and groom walking down the aisle

    walking down the aisle

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  • bride and groom walking through guard of honour

    walk through guard of honour

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  • button hole flower on reflective surface

    after the wedding

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  • bride looking lovingly at her groom

    bride looks in love

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  • bride and groom on laughing on mobile video call

    we got married

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  • bride and groom blowing a kiss on video call

    wish you were here

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  • bride and groom stand together in the garden

    bride and groom stand in the garden at whitley hall

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  • bride and groom stand in the gardens at whitley hall hotel

    bride and groom at Whitley hall hotel garden

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  • bride wipes a tear away from son

    wedding love is emotional

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  • the wedding flowers  are brightly coloured

    brightly coloured wedding flowers

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  • bride and groom in the garden at whitley hall hotel

    wedding couple in the garden at whitley hall hotel

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  • bride and groom kiss on the stairs

    bride and groom meet on the stairs

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  • photo of brides converse trainers and wedding flowers

    wedding converse shoes

    wedding, shoes, dress, converse, flowers, trainers, relax, blue, alternative, candid, veil, Yorkshire, documentary, star, boots

  • black and white close up photo of bride and groom in garden

    I choose you

    whitley, hall, hotel, wedding, garden, stately, hotel, bride, groom, veil, wedding-dress, tiara, gloves, lace, waistcoat, tatoos

  • close up of bride and groom as they stand facing each other

    my love, you have my heart

    wedding, photography, whitley, hall, hotel, Sheffield, Yorkshire, south-Yorkshire, garden, bride, groom, dress, veil, waistcoat, tatoos, lace, gloves, tiara, beautiful, relaxed, contemporary, venue, stone

  • the veil is swooshed in front of the bride and groom

    whitley hall veil swoosh

    wedding, veil, tiara, whitley, hall, hotel, stately, venue, dress, tatoos, waistcoat. beautiful, lace, gloves, goth, vintage, love, relaxed

  • bride smiles at the groom in the garden

    bride in love at her wedding

    whitley, hall, wedding, hotel, beautiful, garden, veil, dress, tiara, vintage, groom, waistcoat, tatoos,

  • bride looks in love at her new husband in the hotel garden

    the look of love in the garden

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  • bride and groom holding each other

    holding onto wedded love

    wedding, love, pose, Yorkshire, dress, veil, waistcoat, tatoos, outdoor, whitley, hall, lace, gloves, tiara, in-love, wedding-day, blonde, photographer

  • bride leans into the groom's shoulder

    love me to eternity

    wedding, whitley, hall, hotel, Sheffield, bride, groom, dress, veil, pose, beautiful, love, embrace, in-love, art, love, bliss, hold, hug, pose, rotherham, south-yorkshire, west-yorkshire, sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster,

  • bride and groom embrace in the garden

    hold me, my love

    whitley, hall, hotel, wedding, Sheffield, Yorkshire, wedddress, veil, tatoos, dress, waistcoat, vintage, outdoor, garden, venue, love, beautiful, art, look, eyes, lace, gloves, alternative, rotherham, south-Yorkshire, Barnsley, Doncaster, west-yorkshire

  • bride is tearful as she dances with her father

    a tear for the father of the bride

    wedding, first, dance, candid, documentary, photography, yorkshire

  • bride and groom cut their wedding cake

    bride and groom with wedding cake

    whitley, hall, hotel, Sheffield, wedding, cake, bride, groom, veil, tiara, vintage, goth, alternative, stars, moon,

  • bride dancing with father

    bride and father dance

    wedding, dance, father, first, candid, photography

  • bride and groom first dance

    bride and groom first dance

    wedding, whitley, hall, hotel, Sheffield, dance, first, dress, veil, vintage, tiara, tatoos,

  • bride and groom smooch their first dance

    wedding dance

    wedding, bride, groom, veil, dress, Yorkshire, tatoos, tiara, whitley, hall, hotel, love, lights, venue, candid, photography

  • family dancing together with bride and groom

    family wedding dance

    wedding, family, day, Yorkshire, bride, dress, tiara, veil, groom, love, dance

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