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Is the Manor House the most perfect wedding venue in the North of England?

Are looking for a contemporary wedding venue in the north of England?

River Xavier is a professional wedding photographer, based in Yorkshire, who has had the pleasure of photographing a wedding at this wonderful venue in West Yorkshire. Within this piece, I aim to give you more information to help you decide upon a wedding venue for one of the biggest days of your lives.

Welcome to the Manor Houe, Lindley, with its large iron gates, stone pillared walls and sweeping drive it is evidently clear we are approaching something special; indeed, we are, as the Manor House, Lindley stands out in its current luxurious form. A magnificent architectural delight of grandeur that plays host to a hotel, restaurant and more significantly a rather prestigious wedding venue.

The grade II listed Manor House sits in Lindley, a small suburb to the northwest of Huddersfield which it shares with the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary hospital. It is thought the name Lindley derived from either the Saxon word meaning ‘flax meadow’ or the Germanic word ‘lind’ which denotes an area of linden (or lime) trees. There seems to be no definitive answer as to where the name of the originates. Lindley is, however, a rather desirable market town to live and visit. Up until 2018, the Manor House was a derelict Georgian mansion and former children’s home. It was not until interior designer and entrepreneur Sara Presley was jogging that the house was found and its fortunes changed. After her purchase, Presley began the renovation to its present glorious state and to the tune of £5.5m. Her interior design skills are apparent as it was named the best interior design in the North, at the 16th Northern Design Awards.

Now complete, the Manor House is a luxury hotel and one of the most prestigious wedding venues in the North of England. The building now consists of 11 bedrooms, two restaurants, three bars, a roof terrace, a fitness suite and an events space. Light is used to great effect in the building, both aesthetically and functionally due to the large floor to ceiling windows. The theme words that decribe the venue for weddings are rustic, whimsical besides industrial and modern.

Industrial design meets the stuff whimsical fairytales are made of.

The design is a blend of styles that merge together with purpose as one moves from one to another. Overall, the design proudly states ‘industrial’ with whispers of ‘cottage’, ‘delicate’, ‘regal’, ‘grandeur’ . . . with natural colours, browns, and textures from natural materials, stone, brick, leather, wood as each is juxtaposed with subtle contrast. Even the artificial light sources are designed to reflect nature and contrast with the style of other materials in the room.

For weddings the Manor House is perfect. If you want wedding photographs that are contemporary; express style with a blend of humans working in harmony with nature. Then, the Manor House in conjunction with the Coach House is a very accomplished and deserving wedding venue.

To the front of the house, large pillars stand proud and announce the regal entrance. Offering fantastic opportunities for portrait photos as the couple stand proud of the natural stone background giving warmth to the images. The building with its Georgian design is a natural backdrop for the wedding party to join the couple for another picture opportunity. Standing before the building’s frontage is the geometric styled garden; of which a water fountain is the main piece that lends itself to another opportunity for fine art portraiture.

A juxtaposition of different luxury materials brings style with substance to your wedding images

The ceremony room is in the Coach House, a stark textured room that could be home to intimate theatrical plays where the focus is purely on the performers. Besides intimacy, the room is relaxing adorned with earthy tones which allow the artificial trees to become centrepieces and add a magical, whimsical effect to the marriage ceremony and brings the guests close to the wedding couple to bring a feeling of family, support and one love.  For the bride, the whimsical feeling can be enhanced further with the choice of theme and personal decor of her dress and accessories. To bring a sense of harmony to the reception through natural adornments, using natures colours and textural information. After the service is complete the ceremony is quickly turned around to become a rather quaint room for the wedding breakfast. The whimsical theme continued.


Looking for a place to tell your wedding story?

Staying in the hotel's bridal suite brings together an eclectic mix of luxury and urban styles, a continuation in the theme of black painted metal and stained wood. The elegant bride's bedroom is beautiful, elegant and extends to include a landing with a relaxed seating area as large modern artwork looks down on the bride below as she prepares for a new future. As throughout the rest of the Manor House light enters the landing in abundance.

Under the guidance of Sarah Presley's style makes the Manor House combined with the Coach House a perfect venue for your wedding. The bar in the Coach House announces style through its urban tones. Geometrically shaped mirrors line the main wall above the bar enhance the illusion of space. The high ceiling and exposed beams and brickwork bring an industrial feel to the geometric shapes of its art deco inspiration.  The design of the building brings natural light to the main area. Besides being a great break out room for guests; this room makes ideal styled portraits for the bride and groom. Outside of the venue's wall there are also photo opportunities for the bride and groom to seize. These can add to the reportage of images for every wedding couples album and contrast with the images in and around the venue.


All writing and images by River Xavier. ©River Xavier Photography


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