Every wedding photograph we take is a piece of your history, compiled to evoke memories.

Welcome to my work. I have always loved the ability to make images. This began at school through art and drawing and has always been a part of my work. Before I became a professional photographer I worked in creative design education for a long time during which my favourite lessons were art and design.

The first time I picked up a camera I was at college and I loved the excitement of taking a photo and then going into the darkroom and seeing the picture appear before my eyes. These days that process is different and almost instant. Yet, being able to control the light, and direct the scene adds to the final image. Over time I learned to hone my craft as a studio photographer and now besides my studio, I am a wedding photographer and videographer.

I am here to tell visual stories; your wedding day story, using your narrative to document your wedding day. I will naturally blend into your day to seize the moments as they arise and build a library of memories for you to cherish, forever. 

Finding a wedding photographer can be a difficult decision. Here, we hope to make the task easier. By reading this you will already know about us. You will be familiar with the style of photography and the experience you can expect on your wedding day. One of professionalism; someone who will have a vision for you; who will capture all the moments throughout your day.

So, what about you?

If you are still undecided about your choice, read on.

You are here to celebrate and declare your love and commitment to each other. You have worked long and hard for this day to be the best it can be. You have planned for this day to deliver your dreams. All of the details are important. It’s a celebration of love and partnership; a life moving forward together, as one. You want to spend your day with your family and friends. Afterwards, you want a narrative you can adore.

If you want:

  • Wedding photographs that are elegant and emotive;

  • Time and reassurance;

  • Wedding photos that show real moments as they happen;

  • Wedding photographs that are contemporary and stylish;

  • Beautiful authentic wedding photography;

  • Stunning pictures that will continually evoke memories of your day;

Then, maybe, you are in the right place after all.

Think of me as a guest with a camera

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